Knightly Update – May 2014

As we are enjoying the Spring season and warmer weather, we can not forget the two most important days of May—Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.  Of course, during this month we will have the various other important events like Holy Communion, Confirmation, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.  In addition, we are still in the Easter season and reflecting upon what a   resurrected Jesus means for us.

However, I would like to dwell upon what Mother’s Day and Memorial Day mean in our society today.  Mother’s Day celebrates the important role that mothers serve in our society.  The holiday started “unofficially” in 1908, so we have been celebrating it for over 100 years.  Actually, we are simply remembering the sacrifices our mother’s have made for all of us.  If it was the thousands of meals they have prepared, to the thousands of loads of laundry, or the nonstop love and attention they have given to us over our many years.  The simple reality is that we can never thank them enough for what they have done for us.

Memorial Day dates back to just after the American Civil War, and was formerly known as Decoration Day.  The original focus of the holiday was to remember all men and women who have died while serving in the military.  Their sacrifice have enabled us to live in a country that we love, and to enjoy the freedoms we have today.

I can not help but to notice the parallels between all of these events, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Easter.  All three    focused on how someone has loved us so much they have   sacrificed everything for us.

The month of May is a busy time for the Knights and is when we hold nominations for new officers.  These nominations will take place at the May 8 business meeting.  The qualifications for being an officer is that the person has to be a 3rd Degree Knight and in good standing in our council.

Finally, I wanted to mention the passing of Harry Knaski last month.  Harry was a very active member in our council and also in the 4th Degree Assembly where he was a PFN and a member of the color guard.  Whenever one of our Brother Knight’s    passes it is hard on the Council, but especially difficult when the person is as outstanding in character as Harry was in life.  The world lost a true gentlemen in his passing as he will be sorely missed.

Dean Hayward

Grand Knight

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