Accessing council website and information

To all council members,

As part of beginning the new fraternal year, we will be attempting to utilize our web presence and related technologies to a greater degree.  I am placing documents for officers in Google Docs.  These documents are stored in the council’s Google ID that is used for maintaining the calendar, and have been shared with the Google IDs for the state council email system (  Where appropriate, these IDs have edit access; all have view access.

Some content will be stored here on the council website; this content will NOT be publically visible, and will require you to have an ID and password.  If you would like access to it, please contact me using the contact form.  Make sure the email address you provide is current.  Once you are verified on the council roll, your ID will be issued and you will be contacted via email.

Regardless of whether you access the protected content on this site or have access to the council documents in Google, you can always keep up with council events in the public portion of this site, as well as on Facebook!

Vivat Jesus!

Ken Mraz

Grand Knight

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