Knightly Update – August 2014

As August begins, we enter the final part of summer before school begins. Many of us still have vacations planned and activities to enjoy before it comes to an end. In the midst of all of our fun, we should remember our fortune. Across the globe, Christians are being martyred for the faith, especially in Iraq. We should remember our brothers and sisters there, and all religious minorities, in our prayers and in pressuring our government to intervene on their behalf.

The Knights of Columbus has committed $1 million and is seeking donations for humanitarian aid for religious minorities in Iraq. I encourage everyone to assist in this effort by going to (edit: please note that the URL in the print article is wrong, but this link is correct)  Even if you cannot afford to donate money, remember that even more potent a donation is your time in prayer. (A prayer from Supreme Council is available on the back of the newsletter)

August is also the time when we celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Mother. This is a wonderful time to meditate on what this means for us: the Blessed Mother’s entrance, body and soul, into Heaven is a sign of what we have to look forward to, in hope, for ourselves. She shows us our ultimate destiny at the Resurrection: to be united with her Son, not just in spirit, but in body as well!

Looking at this world, it can be easy to despair. The conflicts abroad, as well as the growing cultural slide in morality in our own nation and the difficulties of everyday life, can rob us of a sense of well being if we let it. However, we must not allow ourselves to fall prey to this. We should always remember that He has already won the victory, and He has given us signs like the Assumption to bolster our hope.

Let us pray for the fruits of His victory to be made present on Earth.

Vivat Jesus!
Ken Mraz
Grand Knight

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