Knightly Update – January 2015

Happy New Year and a blessed Epiphany!

As you read this we are bringing to a close another blessed Christmas season.  On behalf of the council, I would like to express our deepest hope that this season has been a great time of celebration and that the Lord has blessed you richly with His presence.

Looking back at the past year, it has been both an exciting and difficult year.  Our parish went thru a trying ordeal, yet by the grace of the Lord we endured.  We give thanks for Fr. Ken and all he has done for the parish.  We give thanks for Fr. Jonathon’s leadership and how he kept us together; and we give thanks for our new priest Fr. Gary.  We have been blessed with fine priests, and that is definitely something to be grateful for.

In addition, the entire Church kicked off the year of the family with the Extraordinary Synod on the Family.  This synod as reported in the media was confusing, with many ups and downs played out in the news.  Meanwhile, the bishops continued their work to prepare for next years synod despite the media, and emerged at the end with a direction for the next year.  As Knights, we recognize the importance of the family and will continue to pray for the bishops and work with the Supreme and State councils and the parish to offer programs to strengthen the family.

One of the first things to strengthen the family is to protect every member of the family, including those who are not yet born.  Having celebrated the coming of the Lord as a babe, we should be specially aware at this time of the importance of ALL life, including the weakest among us.  This month will see the 42nd March for Life in Washington D.C. and around the country.  I encourage everyone to participate to whatever degree possible, whether that be to attend the march in Washington or one of the local events here in Michigan.  The battle for life is ongoing, but we are winning the hearts and minds of people, and that is the true victory.  Please pray for all those attending the march, especially our own parishioners who go to represent us all.

Again, Happy New Year, and Vivat Jesus!

Ken Mraz

Grand Knight

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