The following are our designated program directors/chairs.  If you are interested in getting involved in any program, please contact the appropriate brother:

Program Director Bob Herrmann

Church Director

  • Keep Christ in Christmas – Dean Hayward
  • Devotions – Rick Perry
    • Our Mother of Perpetual Help

Vocations Chairman Rick Perry

Community Director Mike Mc Leod

  • Adopt-a-highway
  • Pancake Breakfasts (John Prosnewski)
  • Spaghetti Dinners (John Prosnewski)
  • MI Drive (Vern Miller)

Pro Life Couple Tom Hasselbach

  • Baby bottle drive
  • March for Life

Health Service

Council Director Vern Miller

Public Relations

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Newsletter

Family Director Vern Miller

Youth Director Doug Benchley

  • Soccer Challenge
  • Free Throw Contest
  • Essay Contest

Membership Director Vern Miller

Recruitment Committee 1 Joe Buffa

Recruitment Committee 2 Vern Miller

Recruitment Committee 3 Rick Perry

Retention Chairman

Insurance Promotion

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